New Year Younger YOU!

January 12, 2022

TempSure Envi is a radio frequency device that can provide tightening and lifting to your face and eye areas. When we combine skin tightening treatments with cosmetic filler we can achieve instantly gratifying and long lasting results. An ideal candidate for this package is an individual requires lower face and submental tightening but also would like to achieve a more contoured chin and jawline.

Wide Awake! We would all like to feel rested and look rested - This package achieves the look rested portion! Thermage Eye is a radio frequency treatment that can safely treat your eye lid and surrounding tissue to tighten and rejuvenate your eye area! The most ideal approach is to use 1 eye tip per eye, this package includes just that! To make this option even better we have coupled this treatment to add a Brow Lift using our Ultherapy Device and Xeomin Anti-wrinkle treatment to instantly smooth out fine lines and wrinkles! With masks these days, all we can see is our eyes!

Last but not least, some of our top selling treatments! Depending on how your skin presents at this time we will recommend the best options to you! Picoway is our go to for pigmentation, and rejuvenation. PRP when delivered directly within your skin or topically can have extremely beneficial healing properties amongst many other benefits. Our Vbeam, pulse dye laser, provides fantastic results to clients presenting with inflammed, irritated skin, as well, it can address broken capilliaries and cherry angiomas quite quickly!